Programs and Services

Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics, (RMYC)  pediatric medical-home model supports comprehensive, coordinated, accessible, culturally responsive, and child-and-family centered health care.  

Primary Medical Care

Medical providers support patients with medical exams, immunizations, sports physicals, chronic disease management, reproductive health counseling and they prescribe medicine according to need.

Integrated Behavioral Health  

All patients are screened for behavioral health needs and counselors provide on-site interventions for children according to need and support referrals to outside specialists.  RMYC also serves new mothers who may be experiencing pregnancy-related depression.  In 2015, RMYC provided behavioral health services to 1,599 patients and referred 2,529 patients  to community partners for additional care.


Integrated Dental Care

Dental hygienists and dental assistants offer cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants on-site and support referrals for restorative dental care. In 2015, the dental team provided 2,078 visits – 542 were provided in our Thornton Clinic; 787 in our Aurora Clinic; and 749 through our Care Mobiles.


School-Based Health Clinics (SBHC)

KidsClinic (4)   Our nine SBHCs provide on-site primary health care services to students in schools with high rates of poverty and low rates of health insurance. SBHCs are located within a school building or on school grounds to make care easily accessible.  In 2015, SBHCs served more than 7,000 patients.


 Thrive Clinic

Patients experiencing slow or minimal growth due to food insecurity and/or medical conditions are supported by a team composed of a pediatrician, dietician, and resource coordinator. The team helps Thrive patients and their families evaluate medical needs, learn about nutrition, and access community resources to promote appropriate growth. In 2015, Thrive provided 159 visits, including 74 visits with a dietician.


Edna’s Food Pantry

Thrive Clinic patients and other families who are challenged with food insecurity receive supplemental and nutritious food at the clinics. Families receive nutritious, wholesome food to feed a family of four for a full week. In 2015, Edna’s Food Pantry provided 1,100 bags of food to approximately 3,300 children.The program is named Edna’s Pantry, in honor of late board member, Edna Chang Grant.


Get Fit Clinic

Get Fit Clinic serves children with a high Body Mass Index who want to learn practical ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Services include medical exams and education about physical activity and healthy eating. In 2015, Get Fit provided 288 visits including 142 with a dietician and 20 individuals participated in RMYC’s summer Boot Camp.


 The Asthma Program

Treatment is given to patients diagnosed with asthma and patients are educated about how to properly use asthma medicine, nebulizers, and inhalers. In 2015, RMYC provided 1,329 visits for patients who are five and older and have an active asthma diagnosis.


 Care Navigation

Care Navigators work as part of the medical team to coordinate specialty medical care, help families apply for benefits, and connect families with community resources for housing, transportation, clothing, food, education, and other needs.  In 2015, Care Navigators served 2,320 patients and supported 4,984 referrals.


 Reading for the Health of It

To support school readiness and healthy development, RMYC partners with Reach Out and Read to provide patients with free books during well-child check-ups. In 2015, 4,293 books were given to children. We also gave back packs with school supplies to 300 students  through our Kids Rock: Back to School Campaign.